Your appreciation…


I believe the ultimate gift is giving back, especially to causes that work hard to make the world a better place in many aspects we may overlook. Below are a few charities that are very important to me in providing help in some of those aspects.If you do donate to one of the charities, let me know as i’d like to thank you in a special way.



I would like to note that while gifts are appreciated, they are never expected. I am often asked what I’d like as a gift and my preferences, therefore I decided to create a little list for the curious with both things I’d love for us to share and delights that never fail to put a smile on my face.

*For your safety, all online gift cards are secure and protect your anonymity. No information is disclosed to recipient.

Date suggestions

  • Enjoy a bottle of wine | no preference

  • Dinner date favourite cuisines | Indian, mediterranean, Turkish, Italian and Chinese

  • Things to do | Go golfing/tennis, attend a Jazz bar, do a couples massage, attend a sports game, go to a live musical/ play performance, helicopter/ Boat ride, Hiking, a wine tour, etc

Personal favourites

Top | Small, 32B, 72B. Bottom | Small, 8. Dress | Small, 8 Shoes | US 8 1/2. UK 39.

  • My Wishlist

  • Orchids and Roses

  • Books | I have a high interest in books about philosophy, psychology, and self improvement, but nonetheless appreciate memoirs and drama themes. Some of my favourites books/films are ; Memoirs of a Geisha, Slumdog millionaire, The glass castle, The great Gatsby, and Sophie’s world.