Are all the photos on your site real?

Yes, all photos on my website are real and recent!- all being no more then 6 months old. If you’re interested in seeing more of my photos, updates of my day to day life, travel, and more, I am active on Twitter and Instagram and encourage you to check them out.

Where are you from?

Born in Egypt but of pure East-African decent, I moved to North America and been raised there for more then half of my life, specifically Vancouver for some time. Having the pleasure of travelling to more then 15 countries within the last three years- i’m an avid traveller and consider myself an internationalist.

What will you wear on our dates together?

My wardrobe is varied and never indiscrete, Always maintaining an elegant and graceful essence that is captivating and fitting for any setting. I should add, I am more then happy to accommodate your preferences to satisfy you. If you have any requests or suggestions, please let me know!

Why do you require screening and deposits?

Good question, In honesty- I believe our time together is very valuable, with understanding of the busy life we both carry it certainly assures our date little to no interference when we both invest in it. It is also important to note as a businesswoman, I understand the importance of reputation- so rest assured, your deposit will not be in vain.

Do you tour? Are you open to requests of new cities?

Yes, I do tour frequently to a select few locations across the globe! If you are curious about my whereabouts and tour plans that may cross your path- feel free to contact me or subscribe to my Newsletter to receive automatic updates and news.

I am currently not expanding my tour destinations, though I am always open to Travel with-you or To-you exclusively and make our acquaintance!